CHAMPIONSOUND is Electro, Techno, Trance, Electronic Dance Music.

CHAMPIONSOUND was founded in 1992 by Frank Otto, who had previously worked for several years as Director of International Exploitation at the cult label Kickin Records (by Peter Harris fame) in London. The breakbeat scene was boiling in London and techno saw the light of day in Berlin. House, Garage, Gabba and many other styles of music emerged. In the post-reunification period, many new large and small clubs such as Tresor, E-Werk and Fischlabor were founded in Berlin. The perfect biotope to try out new music and offer new styles of music to the dance-mad crowd. To call the whole thing just techno would fall short, because different styles quickly emerged. In England it was the rave and in Germany the techno party. It doesn’t matter. The main thing was to dance, party and have fun.

CHAMPIONSOUND releases mainly house, deep house and electro. But not only, because with J.J.Cooper’s “Hot & Cool Extravaganca” a milestone in the field of R&B-Rap/Acid Jazz/Lounge Music was released. The CD “Farewell” by Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, however, falls completely outside the dance-oriented releases.

Rave on!

“Nobody cares if you can dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, but because of their passion.”

Martha Graham

(Famous US-American dancer, choreographer and dance teacher)


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Releases and Artists

Most of the tracks were released on vinyl quite a while ago and are now officially available as a digital release for the first time. However, many of the tracks are true dancefloor classics that are still used by many DJs worldwide today.

New Releases

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Stadtmenschen Fool Released: 2022 – XAMP-21Format: digital stream & download Trax No Fool (Original Mix)…

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Funky House

JUMBLE Funky House – Disco Tribute Released: 2022 – XAMP-18Format: digital stream & download Trax…

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W.D.J. Feel ya Released: 2022 – XAMP-17Format: digital stream & download Trax Feel ya (Original…

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IGNITION (by Energy 52)

Released: 1992 | XAMP 01

DJ Franki

Released: 1992 | XAMP 02


Released: 1994 | XAMP 03

Ellen Allien EP

Released: 1992 | XAMP 04


Released: 1995 | XAMP 05

Soho Squad NY

Released: 1995 | XAMP 06


Released: 1995 | XAMP 07

TR 727

Released: 1995 | XAMP 08

The funky Reverend

Released: 1996 | XAMP 09

No digital release yet.

Pellerito & Rethmeier

Released: 1996 | XAMP 10


Released: 1997 | XAMP 11

Plastic Playground

Released: 2003 | XAMP 12

JUMBLE vs. Sylvia K.

Released: 2003 | XAMP 13


Released: 2004 | XAMP 14


Released: 2005 | XAMP CD02


Released: 2005 | XAMP CD03

Thats not yet the story of CHAMPIONSOUND

Well, that’s not many releases for a label that has been around for 30 years. But all releases are something very special. IGNITION is still a very frequently played track. Not to mention the ELLEN ALLIEN EP, which is certainly one of the dancefloor classics of techo-electro. TR 727 is also an exceptional production by JAY RAY, who created the masterpiece “Get the groove goin” with Ellen Allien and was also producer and songwriter for DIGIVALLEY and THE FUNKY REVEREND. SOYLENT by Pete Pellerito, who later had a huge club hit with Meglio Stasera. Another recommendation is J.J.COOPER with his fabulous album, which virtuously combines trip hop, acid jazz, R&B, rap and downbeat – and never loses a second of its excitement.

We will continue to look for exciting dance trax and publish them. If you like, you can send us a demo. If it meets our quality standards and we like it, we will publish it. And then you too can call as well: My sound is the championsound.


Please only contact us about offering trax for release or licensing our music. We have no mail order and the vinyl releases are all sold out. Sorry and thanks for the understanding. All releases are now available as digital download. Thanks for your interest.