SOYLENT by Pete Pellerito

Musician, DJ and producer.

Pete Pellerito | DJ, producer & musician

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Pete Pellerito from Hamburg

Pete Pellerito has been a DeeJay and producer for more than 30 years. Pete was already enthusiastic about DJ mixing and electro productions in the early 80s. At the age of 16, he learned “classic mixing with vinyl” on turntables with the help of DJs from the then popular Zeppelin, Stelle and later Voodoo in LĂĽneburg. His first own productions were characterised by electro, EBM and electro punk. In the early 90s, he became enthusiastic about Acid and Chicago/Detroit House and changed his name to Pete Spacecube. As Pete Spacecube he was co-founder of Meineid in Hamburg and actively conquered the Hamburg club scene. He quickly gained national fame and countless gigs as a DJ and live act followed. His places of residence London, Miami, Naples, Berlin and Hamburg each had a very strong influence on his sound. One of his most famous tracks is probably Meglio Stasera.

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Succesful producer and label owner

Over the years, he released many tracks and collaborated with many other musicians. With his years of experience, he successfully founded the mehr musik techno label in Hamburg in 2016. Through his label, he has released more than 70 vinyls, CDs and countless online releases, some of which have reached chart positions. Pete Pellerito writes his own songs under his own name, produces, arranges, masters and remixes tracks for other artists such as Housemeiters, Jared Austin and Love Maschine. Pete Pellerito also produces and writes tracks and songs for many other artists.

SOYLENT by Pete Pellerito

Released 1995 | XAMP V05
Format: Digital Download, 12″-Vinyl (sold out)

Album / EP





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mehr musik…techno label is an electronic music label from Hamburg / Germany. Founded in 2016 by Pete Pellerito and Tim Gröpper. Both founders have been working as DJs and producers for major international labels such as Universal and BMG/Sony Music since the late 80s. But also countless small labels released their successful tracks on the techno, house and electronica market in the form of vinyl, CD, WAV and MP3.

With more music, Pellerito and Gröpper now have their own label to change the overcrowded music market. The focus is on transporting musical art in the field of techno and electronica.

Intelligent Techno and TechHouse as well as Deep in the centre and Independent in the focus. mehr musik promotes artists and art and publishes them.

Please visit as well the website of mehr musik