aka Olaf Rothäuger | DJ, producer and musician

@ Insomnia/Berlin





DJ JUMBLE from Berlin

Jumble surprises his fans again and again with new ideas for the dance floor. His songs are deeply influenced by the Berlin music scene and span from trance to techno to electro and house. He always manages to surprise with new sound structures and produce amazing dancefloor songs. His songs are extremely hypnotising and crystallise around hard trance.

As a music producer, he combines the quality of a DJ with that of a very soulful songwriter, because he manages to produce not only groovy beats for the dancefloor, but also catchy melodies and unusual sound effects. His music is varied, yet always unmistakably marked with his signature.

As a DJ, he has played in all the big clubs in Berlin and made the crowds go wild. He is still very much in demand, but only spins rarely.

His projects STADTMENSCHEN, TRAUMPOOL and SYNAPTIC JOURNEY are equally recommendable for friends of electronic dance music.

Awesome DJ in the house

As a DJ he is in great demand nationally and internationally. His DJ sets are always exciting and he is very good at bringing a dance-mad crowd to ecstasy. It is not without reason that he was the resident DJ at INSOMNIA, a fetish club that is known beyond the borders of Berlin. The video for “Love, Sex and Kinkiness” by JUMBLE & DOMINIQUE was also made in this club.


Zodiac zone

Released: 1995 | XAMP 07

Synaptic Journey

Released: 1997 | XAMP 11

Plastic Playground

Released: 2003 | XAMP 12

JUMBLE vs. Sylvia K.

Released: 2003 | XAMP 13


Released: 2004 | XAMP 14


Released: 2005 | XAMP CD02


Released: 2005 | XAMP CD03