Hot and cool mixed productions

J.J. COOPER | producer & musician

J.J. Cooper from Berlin

J.J. Cooper is certainly one of the most unusual artists from Berlin. Secluded in his studio, he has only released a few albums. All of them are worthwhile having and listening too because he border crossers between the most diverse musical styles. R&B, lounge, rap, acid jazz, garage in an absolutely virtuoso mixture.

Video shooting in the ruins of Hackesche Höfe

The video for “Touch of Benz” was shot in the Berlin of upheaval. The fall of the Berlin Wall took place a few years earlier and in the following years many buildings stood empty until the ownership claims were settled. A crazy biotope for parties and video shoots in dilapidated locations. The video was shot in Berlin’s Ostbahnhof and in the Hackesche Höfe, which had not yet been renovated at the time.

The hot & cool extravaganza

1995 | XAMPCD01
Format: Digital Download, CD and Double 12″-Vinyl (both sold out)

Album / EP


Love Is Short


Quick Of Hearing

Indian In Trouble

Lonely #1

Short Funky Cut

Do It … With Jane

Love Is Long

Discover Your Brother

Touch Of Benz

Yeah Yeah

Lonely #2

P-Bone Sorcerer

What Did You Say?

Reverse Of The Cool



Other Releases by J.J.Cooper

Supreme Chord Jesters

Hungry for the word

Released: 1995
Label: Scat!
Format: SCAT 1LP + SCAT 1CD

Trax (Compilation)

  • Hungry For The Word
  • Classical Music And Jazz
  • In The Dishroom
  • Encounter
  • Hungry For The Word (Big Shout Remix) by J.J. Cooper
  • Class-In-Jazz Mix
  • Cup Capella Dishroom
  • Combustible Big Shout

Liquid Lounge

Urban Soulscape

Released: 1995
Label: Scat!
Format: SCAT 02LP + SCAT 2CD


  • Journey Into… Ocean Deep
  • Ecstasy
  • Wakamba Dreams
  • Music Hypnotizes
  • Urban Soulscape
  • Super Soul
  • City Sex
  • Happy (Inside You Remix)
  • Extraterrestrial Lovesick Blues
  • Baby, That’s Jazz

Orientation + J.J. Cooper’s Liquid Lounge


Released: 1997
Label: Pantongue
Format: PAN01 CD


  • What Is Orientation? (Listen To The Bridge)
  • Aziza’s Advice
  • Anton’s Dream
  • Alma Ahimi
  • Theme From Bosporus Bridge
  • Huzur
  • Yanliz
  • Halay
  • Mehtap
  • Fata Morgana
  • Osman Cooks Tonight
  • Hammam
  • Huzur (The Return Of…)
  • Theme From Bosporus Bridge (Shrot Cut)