TR 727 by Jay Ray

of JAY RAY fame

TR 727 by JAY RAY from Berlin

TR 727 producer Jay Ray aka Ralf Gruppe is one of the most productive DJs and producers in Berlin. Many of his songs have been released on the cult labels MfS, Braincandy and Coldwave 45, and his services as a remixer of countless songs are also much in demand. On Championsound he started his project TR727, an exciting mixture of Berlin trance, house and acid.

All three tracks still guarantee full dance floors and a screaming celebration crowd.

TR 727 by Jay Ray

Released 1995 | XAMP V08
Format: Digital Download, 12″-Vinyl (sold out)



Balze II

Flight 727

Treasure of the Moon Goddess

Other Releases by Jay Ray

12″ and album releases

Jay Ray vs. Jonzon – Statement (12″) on Braincandy, 1994
Activated (on MFS 1995)
Nightvisions (on MFS 1995)
Jay Ray presents The Funky Reverend – The Prophet Of The Beat (Championsound, 1995)
Jay Ray – Daylight Cover-Design
Daylight (on MFS 1996)
Arctic Survival (on MFS 1998)
Jay Ray feat. Phill Edwards – Goldstar (A45 Music, 1999)
Impulse E.P. (Disco3000, 1999)
Sureshot (MFS, 1999)
November (on MFS 1996)

Writer, Arranger & Producer

In The Attic (Coldwave 45, 1991)
Sinphonic – Simply Jane (Coldwave 45, 1991)
Franki – Back To The House (Championsound, 1992)
Encounter (Planet Records Berlin, 1993)
Luciano – We Can Make It (EFA MS, 1993)
Digivalley – Happy (Championsound, 1994)
Jay Ray vs. Jonzon – Statement (Braincandy, 1994)
Jay Ray – Frontpage Compilation Vol. IV – Higher Techno Cover-Design
Ellen Allien – Get The Groove Goin’ (Championsound, 1993)
Ellen Allien – Use The Bass (Championsound, 1993)
Ellen Allien – Ellen Allien E.P.
Ellen Allien – Yellow Sky Vol. II (MFS, 1995)
Jay Ray – Nightvisions Cover-Design
Divamania (Berlin’s Best Women In The House) (Coldwave 45, 1995)
Digivalley – Deeper Love (BMG/Hansa, 1996)
The Funky Reverend (Blow Up, Intercord, 1997)
Jay Ray – Vorsprung Dyk Technik (Remixes 92-98)
Jay Ray – Perspective – A Collection Of Remixes 1992-1997
Deeper Love (Paul van Dyk Dub)
DJ Good Groove* – Rare & Funky Vol. 1
Jay Ray – Gatecrasher Wet (1999)
Abyss (3) vs TR727 – Elevator (MFS,1999)
Abyss (3) vs. TR727 – ABS Series Gold Vol. I (Strike Records, 2000)